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Finding the perfect painting company or painting contractor can be quite the journey for Kansas City homeowners, and when you do find the professional painters you want to work with, you may have more questions. These blogs are here to help your DIY home improvement project like choosing paint colors, color schemes, remodel ideas and more.

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8 Tips on How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

Few things can boost your home’s curb appeal and set off makeovers quite like the way a fresh coat of paint and a new house color will, but how do you choose which color scheme, color combinations or type of paint? With thousands of shades, sheens, and styles available at home improvement stores, it isn’t … Read more

Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color

Painting your interiors can significantly change the appearance of your home. Attractive colors add life and personalization to any indoor space. Besides painting walls, therefore, you should also paint accessories such as kitchen cabinets for the best results. Kitchen cabinets are usually the focal point in a kitchen, and thus they should have an appealing … Read more

Seniors, Homes, and Paint Schemes: What You Should Know

Interior paint schemes can have a major impact on the ability of a home’s occupants to fully enjoy their surroundings, especially among the senior community. This segment of the population has its own needs and preferences involving paint colors, shades, and accents, with results affecting everything from mood to safety. Whether you plan to repaint … Read more

4 Steps to Take to Remedy Tobacco-Stained Walls

Cigarettes not only present health risks, but they frequently discolor nearby surfaces too. New homeowners must address the yellowish-brown coating cigarettes leave behind in a smoker’s former home. A coat of paint seems like a simple solution but is often not enough. Removal of as much of the stain as possible reduces the risk of … Read more

Ideas for Matching Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue is not a particularly common color for kitchen cabinets. Therefore, the use of blue for that space makes them stand out. Blue is not a neutral color, but it’s still one that complements a lot of other hues. If you’re looking for a singular color palette for your kitchen, consider starting with blue and … Read more

Preparations for Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Painted cabinets liven up drab kitchens and instantly add a modern look to the decor. The project often moves along quickly and is much more affordable than replacing the cabinetry. Despite the speed and ease of painting compared to other redecorating tasks, homeowners still need to prepare. Discover a few tips to follow before the … Read more

Black Paint and Your Home’s Interior: 3 Tips for Painting a Room Black

New paint is one of the most affordable ways to significantly alter your living space and change the space feel and how it can affect you, everyday. Wall color can have a dramatic impact on the appearance of the room and the ambiance within the space, and make it feel like a new home quite like nothing else, so color selection should be given a lot of thought.