4 Benefits of Paint Spraying a Banister

You use your stair banister to help you keep your balance when walking up and down the stairs. As you run your hands along the rail, the banister can get dirty and the paint can begin to wear. The rail may look worn, which can affect the look and feel of your space. Painting the banister can help to revive its look and freshen up the look of your home, as well as be one of the rewarding home improvement DIY projects you do to give your home a mini makeover.

Before painting you’ll need to choose what kind of paint you’d like to use (semi-gloss, gloss, matte, etc) which can also be influenced by the materials you’re trying to paint (is it wood grain, or iron balusters? Spray painting iron balusters with rustoleum is a DIY project option, but be careful not to overspray spray paint on any other parts of your stair railing, baseboards, risers or other parts of your stairwell.

You’ll also want to have some tools and work materials on hand such as a drop cloth, paint brush, various grit sandpaper for sanding, painter’s tape and masking tape for taping, enough paint to complete the amount of coats of paint you plan to apply, priming can be key so getting a good coat of primer as your first coat is a great thing.

Don’t forget about color choice! Taking into account things like living room color, dining room, kitchen cabinets, your home decor and even your front door – tying it all together by painting that oak banister of yours, or even painting the newel posts to match the stair treads can make it feel like a remodel at times. White paint in the right places can touch up the appearance quickly.

Painting a banister can be a challenging task, which is why it is often best to hire a professional to help paint yours. Different professionals use different techniques to paint your banister, including rolling it, using a paint brush, or using a paint sprayer. Here are a few of the benefits associated with paint spraying a banister.

1. Smooth Finish

The first benefit associated with paint spraying a banister is that paint spraying leaves a smooth finish. When you roll or brush a banister, streaks, lines, and brush marks can be left behind. These lines are not as visible on large surfaces, such as walls. However, on smaller surfaces, such as banisters and handrails, these imperfections are more visible.

Not only are the imperfections visible, but they can also be felt. You can feel the brush marks or roller marks left behind when you run your hand along a rolled or painted banister.

Use a paint sprayer to get results that are closest to a factory finish on banisters.

2. Even Paint Coverage

The second advantage to paint spraying a banister is that paint spraying provides even paint coverage. When a quality paint sprayer is properly used, the sprayer produces a mist of paint that evenly coats the item being painted. The same cannot be said for brushes or rollers.

When you dip a paint brush or roller in paint, the coverage on the brush or roller may be uneven. One part of the roller may have a gob of paint, while another part of the roller may have hardly any paint.

When you roll the roller over the banister, it can coat unevenly. This can leave you with a streaky paint job, or parts of the banisters that are lighter or darker in color based on the uneven amount of paint that each section received.

Use a paint sprayer to prevent color streaks, which ensures your banister is all the same color.

3. Faster Paint Time

The third benefit to paint spraying a banister is that paint spraying is the fastest way to coat a banister in a fresh coat of paint. It takes far less time compared to rolling paint over a surface or using a paint brush to coat the entire surface by hand.

The exact amount of time painting with a sprayer takes varies based on the size of your project, the size of the paint sprayer, and the amount of pressure the paint sprayer has. But, projects that may take hours hand painting can be completed in a matter of minutes with certain paint sprayers.

4. Easier to Paint Crevices

The final advantage to paint spraying a banister is that a paint sprayer makes it easier to paint crevices and hard to reach areas that brush strokes can have a hard time getting to.

Stair banisters can be challenging to paint with a roller or a paint brush. The banister often has ridges that can make it challenging to brush or roll. Banisters also have an underside that needs to be coated. The paint mist emitted from a paint sprayer allows the paint to reach into crevices and ridges easily and quickly.

Is your stair banister looking old, worn, and tired? Give it a face lift by having it painted. If you are looking to have your banister painted in Kansas City, turn to the professional painters at Elite Painting KC. We can help you with all of your residential painting needs, including interior painting and banister painting. Call us now for a free estimate.