8 Tips on How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home

Few things can boost your home’s curb appeal and set off makeovers quite like the way a fresh coat of paint and a new house color will, but how do you choose which color scheme, color combinations or type of paint? With thousands of shades, sheens, and styles available at home improvement stores, it isn’t … Read more

How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet Color

When we get to enjoy new interior designs in our home, it can completely turn our frown upside down, and there’s nothing quite like a new color scheme to uplift the spirits. Going beyond the typical accent wall or new wall color for your living room, imagine what a high quality kitchen cabinet paint job … Read more

4 Tips For Removing Smoke Stains From Walls

Cigarettes not only present health risks, but they frequently discolor nearby surfaces with nicotine stains as well. New homeowners will often be left to deal with soot stains, smoke smell, smoke damage and smoke stains left behind from what could be decades of cigarette smoke. A coat of paint seems like a simple solution but … Read more

4 Staircase Makeover Ideas Using Paint

Do you want to give your staircase a makeover? This part of a home is often overlooked, but the right change is often easier than you might think. And a fresh appearance can add a great deal to the entire space around it – providing a good bang for your buck. A DIY staircase makeover … Read more

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

Blue is not a particularly common color for kitchen cabinets. Blue cabinets, and blue kitchens in general for that matter, are not a common kitchen design. You can, however, be adventurous with your cabinetry, and instead of going with a white kitchen, you consider blue kitchen cabinets. The use of blue for that space makes … Read more

How to Prep Kitchen Cabinets For Painting

Painted cabinets liven up drab kitchens and instantly add a modern look to the decor. The project often moves along quickly and is much more affordable than replacing the cabinetry with new cabinets.  Sanding your cabinet doors, priming, applying the first coat, the second coat, and what is involved when we paint kitchen cabinets will … Read more

Black Paint and Your Home’s Interior: 3 Tips for Painting a Room Black

New paint is one of the most affordable ways to significantly alter your living space and change the space feel and how it can affect you, everyday. Wall color can have a dramatic impact on the appearance of the room and the ambiance within the space, and make it feel like a new home quite like nothing else, so color selection should be given a lot of thought.

How To Prepare Your Home For Painting: 4 Tips to Prep the Exterior

Having the exterior of your home painted by professional painters is an excellent way to prevent termite damage and help keep the structure protected from exterior elements – especially during the winter months. A professional paint job will give your home new life and overall improve the curb appeal of your home’s exterior. When looking … Read more