9 Step Exterior House Painting Process

Nothing can so dramatically change your home’s exterior quite like a new paint job. Exterior paint can be one of the most impactful home improvement projects you can do as a Kansas City homeowner. The feeling you get every time you pull up to your home is part of why so many of our clients have invested in their home’s exterior, and changing the old paint for a beautiful, new paint color and look.

The team of professional painters at Elite Painting KC have developed a 9-step process that they use to help ensure that every painting project has consistent quality, superb protection, and ultimately results in the happiest customers you’ve ever seen from a painting company.

Elite Painting KC’s 9-Step Process:

1. Identify wood rot and replace affected areas

Wood rot causes many issues for your home. We perform this step to insure you have structural and surface integrity for outside components such as trim, shutters, siding and more, to be affixed and properly secured to the exterior of your home.

2. Power wash the entire house

We power wash the house to rinse and remove any dirt, grime or debris that may prevent the surfacing bonding together of the paint to your home’s surface, resulting in better adhesion which leads to longer lasting quality results.

3. Scrape all loose paint

Similar to why we power wash the house, only with a paint scraper can we remove the old paint that would prevent proper adhesion for the new paint. We also take care when performing this step so we can see just how deeply and severely the current paint has failed.

4. Secure any loose paneling or siding

We do this to keep the exterior look consistent across your home. This also allows us to remove the bulges and inconsistencies that occur as a result of loose paneling and provides for a much better seal for the caulking; which in-turn improves the long-term, deep protection that our painting services off your home.

5. Oil prime any raw wood

Oil priming seals the porous surfaces of the raw wood, allowing the paint to cover the surface more completely and fully, improving adhesion and allowing for a longer lasting, clean finish. It also prevents the tannins from being released from the wood and causing bleed through stains on the top coat.

6. Extensive caulking to the entire house using PowerHouse 60-year Elastomeric Siliconized Caulk

Our paint jobs go so far beyond just changing the color or getting a fresh coat on your home. We also are passionate about keeping your home sealed from the elements so that moisture cannot get in behind the siding and trim and start to cause wood rot, mold, and begin deteriorating your home because the proper steps were not taken upfront. We never sacrifice quality for speed.

7. Spray on the first and second coat of finish paint for two continuous coats of paint

Meeting industry standards and maximizing the longevity and protection from the KC weather elements, all while providing the smoothest of finishes which makes your home look amazing in any light; for years to come.

8. Back roll and brush as needed

Manually correct areas which need touchup to have a consistent look across the whole project.

9. Brush and roll two coats of paint on trim boards

We ensure your trim is completely covered and matched in finish and style specific to your painting project, allowing for pristine and perfect end results.

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