Ideas for Matching Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue is not a particularly common color for kitchen cabinets. Therefore, the use of blue for that space makes them stand out. Blue is not a neutral color, but it’s still one that complements a lot of other hues. If you’re looking for a singular color palette for your kitchen, consider starting with blue and … Read more

Preparations for Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Painted cabinets liven up drab kitchens and instantly add a modern look to the decor. The project often moves along quickly and is much more affordable than replacing the cabinetry. Despite the speed and ease of painting compared to other redecorating tasks, homeowners still need to prepare. Discover a few tips to follow before the … Read more

Tips For Painting Kitchen Cabinets to Avoid Certain Problems

Painted kitchen cabinets instantly brighten and modernize an older kitchen, and can compliment countertops, backsplashes, as well as be preferable to new cabinets in some cases! Adding new hardware during this process adds to the effect that much more. The choice to paint existing cabinets will save homeowners thousands of dollars over the cost of … Read more

Painting Kitchen Cabinets? 4 Trends to Consider

Kitchen cabinets are important for a few different reasons. While they help you store and organize your cookware, dishes, and other essentials, the cabinets also make up a large portion of the home’s appeal and value. Therefore, ensuring they are both functional and appealing is smart. If your cabinets have damage, you may want to … Read more