7 Smart Reasons to Buy High-Quality Paint for Your Home Projects

When it comes to painting projects, homeowners have the choice between average and high quality paint. Whether you’re considering durability, various types of paint colors, quick-drying/dry time, mildew resistant, types like acrylic paint versus latex paint, or water based or oil based (alkyd) or looking at high gloss finish, eggshell, semi-gloss, flat finish, matte, satin finish, stain-resistant finish or other types of paint finish to even looking at greenguard paint that is low-VOC-paint or zero-VOC-paint; there’s a lot to consider!

One thing you should consider is to use the best interior paint and best exterior paint you can at the time of the project – high quality paint can do so much for you and your painting project. From the priming and adhesion to how washable the finished paint job will be to what area is being painted like a living room or if you’re needing ceiling paint, finding the right product for the paint job can be a challenge!

There are many brands to choose from, and many offer benefits to the DIY and professional alike! Paint brands like Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, to Glidden, PPG, Farrow & Ball, and more. Most paint brands will have different levels of product to choose from, such as Behr’s Aura or Marquee line, or Behr Premium Plus Ultra to Benjamin-Moore’s Regal Select. These paints are available from local retailers like Lowes and Home Depot, or on online retailers like Amazon 

Whether you hire a professional contractor or plan to paint your own home, spend a little more on good paint. Buying cheap or discounted paint to save a few bucks will cost you money over the long run. Learn seven smart reasons why you should buy high-end paint for your home’s exterior and interior painting projects.

1. More Coverage, Less Work

Better-quality paint simply covers better, which will require fewer brush strokes and coats, less time, and fewer supplies, which equates to less money spent. High-quality paints are often thicker and denser, which has to do with how they are manufactured. Cheap paint is thinner and frequently has a transparent base to keep costs down. The transparent base can be difficult to apply evenly on your walls or other surfaces.

The better the paint, typically you get excellent coverage.

2. Lasts for Years and Years

High-end paint lasts longer and holds up well over time, and this durability which saves you money and effort later. This thicker paint is more durable, which makes it less vulnerable to chips, flakes, and fading.

How many years can you expect a good-quality latex paint to last? That varies depending on many different environmental factors, high-traffic areas, etc, but many will stand strong and look great for up to ten years.

3. Higher Pigment Content

Paints priced a little bit higher often have the best color saturation. They simply look more appealing than lesser-quality paint samples. This is because these paints contain better more pigment solids, which are the ground-up materials creating a specific shade, as well as more resins and less water content. The pigment provides the color, coverage, and gloss of the paint.

4. Easier to Clean

A wall painted with a quality paint seems to be easier to wipe clean on a day-to-day basis, saving you time and sweat. The surface can withstand a cleaning rag and solvent, whereas some lesser paints may not hold up to this routine, showing wear and fading quickly. Also, gloss and semi-gloss paints are much easier to wash and wipe than flat paints.

5. Less Toxic

If you want a less-toxic paint, you will pay a little more. These paints are widely available as consumers want an eco-friendlier paint for their homes and around their families, but will likely come at a premium price. Your contractor should be able to suggest some environmentally sound suggestions, such as natural finishes and zero-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) varieties.

6. Easier to Work With

While this may be due to the density of a good-quality paint, these products tend to roll better and provide a smoother application on the surface. Good paint sticks to the brush, roller, and wall better and may drip less during use, which means your site is a lot easier to clean up afterwards. Furthermore, fewer coats means less time waiting for paint to dry.

7. Comes with a Guarantee

Some paints may come with a warranty, but these promises are often very limited and do not cover the normal aging of the painted surface. Instead, look for a contractor who offers a guarantee of their work: a guarantee that the customer is satisfied and that they will clean up after the job is done. This will be more valuable over time than trying to save a few bucks by doing it yourself now.

Are you ready to paint your property? Even if your painting budget is tight, keep the benefits of quality paint in mind. Contact the professionals at Elite Painting KC for your free estimate and to learn more about the best paint and supplies for your next project. We are also happy to answer any of your questions or concerns, so do not be afraid to ask!