Tips For Choosing Paint Colors For Your Entryway

If you’re a homeowner looking for a small DIY remodeling project for the summer that won’t require a lot of time but will have a big impact on the appearance of your home, you may want to consider giving your entryway a makeover. An entryway should be welcoming and complement the rest of your home. Your entryway color, the accent walls with different colors, as well as the natural light coming in can all have an affect on those coming into your home. Knowing how specific colors, undertones and color schemes can enhance the look of your home will help you decide the best color palette to select for your entryway.

It is also important to take into consideration the current wall color of your living room, dining room, kitchen (and kitchen cabinets), family room and other room colors that could be adjacent to your entryway. Your home decor, light fixtures, furniture, and general interior design will play into your color inspiration and ultimately, the color scheme you choose.

The perfect color may not simply be one wall color, but different paint color ideas to provide a focal point for your interior design. Benjamin Moore paint colors, as well as Sherwin Williams, Behr and other excellent brands can all provide amazing color palettes to work with on your wall color and accent colors.

Don’t forget your front door – having a bold color on your front door that compliments your interior paint can add a flair to your mudroom or foyer paint color.

This fun and impactful interior painting project can breath new life into your home! From taupes, to pewters, to teals to eggshell and other neutral colors, wall paint color inspiration can come in all forms!

Shades of Blue

Blue is a classic color that will complement most interior decorating themes and has been widely used by interior designers. It works exceptionally well with cottage or coastal themed homes. Blue is a good contrasting color for neutral themes, such as modern farmhouse styles.

Blue can make walls look farther away than they are. This natural receding effect of blue works well to make small entryways appear larger. If your entryway has a hallway, the effect can be even more dramatic.

Shades of White

If you prefer a crisp and clean look, don’t be afraid of bright white as they can be among the best paint colors for providing a clean look. A sparkling white entryway will welcome guests with a feeling of freshness and energy. White walls are a good choice for modern and contemporary style homes and white paint looks sophisticated and elegant when paired with black accent pieces, especially in a small space like an entryway or powder room.

Softer shades of white, such as off-white and antique white work well with a shabby-chic theme or vintage style. These softer shades of white are easier on the eye than brighter shades of white. Choose soft shades if you want to convey a peaceful and serene feeling in your home.

Shades of Green

If you enjoy the outdoors and want a color that makes every day feel like a spring or summer afternoon, look no further than green. Light to medium hues of green are friendly and welcoming when used in entryways. When used in an entryway with no windows, green can bring a feeling of the great outdoors inside.

Green is a good choice in rustic and country-themed homes. It’s also the perfect choice for nature lovers who enjoy using fresh flowers and gardening accent pieces in the home.

Shades of Red

Using bright red in an entryway is a bold attention grabber, as red tends to grab the human eye faster than other colors. Red can convey the message that your home is lively, active, and vibrant. Red can give life to a modern or minimalist style home by adding just the right pop of color in the entryway.

Burgundy and other deep shades of red work well in colonial houses. These rich hues maintain a historic feel in older homes and evoke a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. They also add a nice addition of color in a home with gray or other neutral colors for main walls.

Shades of Yellow

If you want your entryway to have instant appeal, choosing yellow will not disappoint. Bright and lemony yellows are a fun addition to an eclectic or boho-themed home. Yellow will instantly brighten up even the darkest entryway.

If your home is decorated in a country theme, a deep mustard or sunflower yellow will enhance and complement all your country décor. These rich shades of yellow provide an appealing contrast when used with the blues and whites that are popular in country styles homes.

Shades of Gray

Gray is versatile and looks nice with nearly every color in home design. Use gray in an entryway if you want to convey a wide range of moods. Gray can be anything from sophisticated, dramatic, or serene, depending on the accents you use with it. Greige is a modern shading of gray, and using the right matte greige can make for an excellent accent color or wall color. 

When your entryway is painted in a shade that complements the rest of your home, it will make a great first impression on all who enter your home. If you’re ready to give your entryway a makeover, contact Elite Painting KC. We will discuss color options and work with you to achieve the outcome you desire.