Painting Your Home Office? Consider These Home Office Paint Color Ideas

Your home office is an important space that should reflect creativity and foster productivity and a peaceful atmosphere. According to color psychology, certain hues can evoke specific emotions, so you want to incorporate paint colors into your home office that will allow you to work your best, and that color choice and color schemes match the kind of workspace you’re trying to create. 

An interior painting project for your home office space can turn your own home into a fantastic work environment with a great color, undertones and home office ideas. The color palette you choose when finding the perfect color is important, but also taking into account things like natural light, home decor, if you have a built in bookshelf/bookcase or other items in the room can all play into the paint colors you go with.

Wall color is one thing, but what about an accent wall with a pop of color? Home office walls don’t have to just be off-white with a motivational poster on the wall! Going with a teal, blue-gray or blue-green with bright white trim, or having a blue hue on one office wall in matte can help offset white walls. Your favorite color may be the perfect color, or you may find looking into different interior paint colors for your home office walls will produce the better result.

Whether you need inspiration, peace, or a creative workspace, the right hue to paint your walls will help you achieve the right atmosphere for your home office, from a calming effect to keeping you focused.

Inspiring/Passionate Colors

Your office space should be motivational if you work in an aggressive or competitive environment. You need hues on your wall that give you positivity and urge you to move forward with your bold ideas, or colors that simply inspire you to hit those massive and intimidating deadlines.

Both blue hues and red hues are colors that inspire productivity. If your home office is used more to catch up on everyday tasks that can’t be completed at work, then paint your office blue. If your work is more hands-on and involves coming up with new ideas or constructing business-related tasks from scratch, then opt for red.

Navy, baby blue, light blue, ocean blue, and even sapphire are all inspiring colors to paint your home office with. If you are going with red, then consider maroon, fire engine red, or even a red-orange hue to get your body moving.

If you are going to paint a wall another accent color, then consider orange or yellow. Both of these hues are vibrant and full of energy, often used in various settings (especially marketing) to inspire excitement and joy – emotions you need to work productively. Color trends have many of these colors in those industries.

Peaceful Colors

You may use your home office as a refuge from work so you can work quietly and get work done without stress. If this is what you use your office for, then you need peaceful hues on your walls to remind you that your home working space is meant for calm production.

Olive green is a universal color of peace, as are many earth-toned hues, such as brown and tan. White is another peaceful hue that can help bring yourself to a tranquil set of mind – consider white as an accent color for your earth-toned home office.

Creative Colors

If you are brainstorming in your home office a lot or work in a creative field where thinking outside the box is crucial to your success, then you need creative paint colors on your walls. Purple (consider eggplant, lavender, or royal purple) and white (a blank canvas as well as a pure, calming hue) are both often used in business to inspire creative thought in people.

Yellow, due to its high energy and positivity, is also a popular color to inspire creativity. Consider goldenrod, soft yellow, or even a golden hue for your home office to add the creative touch you need.

Keep in mind that you are not stuck having to commit to a single shade of color to give your home office a positive, inviting appeal. You can combine both creative and inspirational colors on alternating walls in your home office (such as red and white, for example), to make your private working space ideal for your productivity needs. Your painter will assist you in choosing the best colors for your walls.

There are many colors to choose from, and most manufacturers can offer most colors. Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr, Farrow & Ball and others are all great options. Don’t forget that when doing your home office to also consider your living room and dining room colors!

When painting your home office, take your time in choosing paint hues: you want colors you like and will complement your working space, while evoking the right emotional response at the same time. Call our expert and professional painters at Elite Painting KC for a consultation. We will help you choose the right paint hues and finish for your home office’s walls so you can enjoy your private work area.