How Often Should You Repaint Your Home? 3 Signs That It Is Time

Is it time to repaint the exterior of your house? If you’re like many homeowners, you’re probably uncertain as to what answer to give to this question, but that’s okay. Life is busy, so it’s easy to come home each day and pay little attention to the condition of your home’s exterior. However, now is the time to change that attitude and consider a new paint job. Using quality paint for exterior painting can make such a huge difference.

If your last paint job is leaving the outside of your home feeling tired, then it’s time to consider  hiring a house painting company for a new coat of high-quality paint. Being able to enjoy the inside of your home, your dining room or living room with new interior painting is one thing, but being able to appreciate the outside of your home with a new exterior paint job can bring that all together. 

 Here are three signs to look for which signal it is time for repainting and getting a new coat of exterior paint and increasing that curb appeal!

1. The Paint Is at the End of Its Lifespan

Everything has a lifespan, and the paint on the exterior of your home is no exception. Harsh winters, brutal summers and everything in between; the outside of your home and your house paint, experience them all! After a certain amount of time every house should be repainted, no matter the condition of its surface or durability of the paint or paint color. Acrylic paint is often thought of as the most durable. A fresh coat of paint will help keep the home protected and looking its best.

For a wood siding home, repainting is recommended around every four years; while aluminum siding needs to be repainted every five years. If you have a brick home, consider repainting around the 15-year mark, and around 10 years for cement fiberboard siding. Again, even if the paint color looks good, it’s only a matter of time before durable paint starts to fail, peeling or flaking or worse, once the lifespan of your home’s previous paint job expires.

Additionally, if you have the house painted while it’s still in favorable condition, then professional painters can perform the repainting process much more easily, which means it will be completed in a shorter time span and for lower costs.

If you’re not the original owner of the property, then a painting contractor can help you determine the age of the paint.

2. The Color Has Changed

Did you paint your home a beautiful and crisp off-white color, but somehow the color of your home has morphed into a yellowish-hue? If you answered yes to this question, then it is time to have your home repainted by a professional. One reason why the color of the paint may have changed is that you did not use the appropriate type of paint.

All paint used on the outside of a home must be exterior-rated. This rating means that the solution is made up of more resilient resins and can withstand elements like the sun’s UV rays.

Interior paint does not meet this rating. So if you used interior paint on the exterior of your home, then constant exposure to the sun will generally cause the paint to change color, even possibly in a short amount of time.

Exterior rated paint will also be able to withstand exposure to rain and harsh freezing temperatures, while remaining intact. If you recently painted and the color changed, this is likely the reason why.

3. The Paint Is Chipping and Peeling

If the paint on your home’s exterior is chipping or peeling, this is a clear sign that the initial warning signs were missed and the paint is now in dire condition. An awful thing about chipped or peeling paint is that the problem only magnifies with time. Each day, the area of damage will expand, whether on walls, baseboards, wood siding, aluminum siding, stucco, or any other kind of exterior paint type or area.

On those days where there is inclement weather like rain, the area will grow at an even faster rate. Eventually, your house will become the eyesore of the neighborhood, and if you live in a community with a homeowners’ association, this could mean costly fees. In addition to improving the appearance of your home, it’s essential to have the paint looked at by a professional promptly. In some instances, chipped and peeled paint is prompted solely by failing paint, but underlying issues with moisture, such as a leak or improper draining could also be to blame.

No matter the culprit, getting to the bottom of the problem and having your home repainted should be your top priority. If your home is in need of repainting, then Elite Painting KC is your solution. Whether you need a small touch up or a complete repaint, we can help you protect your home and improve its appearance. Our professional painters offer exterior painting services, interior, cabinet and banister painting services.