How to Choose Paint Colors for Your Basement

A finished basement adds value to your home and property, and this room significantly increases your living space. However, basements are naturally dark spaces because they usually have less natural light than other rooms. Therefore, you have to choose your paint carefully. A finished basement can also be a space to experiment with your creativity. … Read more

Kitchen Cabinet Updates: How to Avoid Certain Paint Problems

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Painting Kitchen Cabinets? 4 Trends to Consider

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4 Benefits of Paint Spraying a Banister

You use your stair banister to help you keep your balance when walking up and down the stairs. As you run your hands along the rail, the banister can get dirty and the paint can begin to wear. The rail may look worn, which can affect the look and feel of your space. Painting the … Read more

A Guide to Painting a Home’s Exterior Brick Surface

You ever considered painting your brick? This option is surprisingly versatile and provides you with an array of benefits and style options. Beyond that, painting is also remarkably inexpensive and easy to perform, providing your home with the protection it needs. Pros and Cons of Painting Brick If you’re sick of your brick – or … Read more

3 Supplies Professional Painters Use That Improve Results

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