Painting Your Home’s Exterior? Consider Refinishing the Foyer Too

It may seem strange to consider the interior of the home when crafting a plan to paint the exterior. But the front room of any home is often at least partially viewable from the outside, and it can affect the curb appeal of the exterior. Consider including the foyer when painting the exterior to boost the overall appearance as people arrive and enter the home.

Coordinate the Entry and Exterior

Outside views of the foyer walls through the windows and as the door opens can have a large impact on the overall appeal of the home. The effect becomes even more noticeable when the colors of the interior and the exterior clash. Coordinate the color of the interior walls in the entryway to enhance the exterior color to avoid any unpleasant appearances.

Bold colors on both the exterior and in the foyer in the home can seem too busy. Muted shades of paint everywhere can make the home seem less interesting. The variety of tones used affects not only how visitors feel but can also influence how people that live in the home feel about their residence.  

The color of the walls in the foyer should also coordinate with the other walls inside the home that are viewable together. Homeowners should keep this in mind as they choose their exterior paint and the color for the entryway. A little extra planning will ensure that all paint colors work well together.

Refresh Old Walls

A fresh new exterior can exaggerate the scuffs and marks on older interior walls. Faded paint or outdated colors will stand out in comparison to the modern and spotless exterior. Unfortunately, the rejuvenation of one part of a home can negatively affect the look of other areas, but it happens. The effect is greatest with the rooms nearest to the updates.

People develop an opinion of a home within seconds of walking through the door. The first impression of a beautiful exterior may become diminished if the sight they see in the foyer detracts from the outside appeal. The importance of a good impression increases for anyone with plans to sell their home soon or has considered listing the home.

Experts suggest trying to see the entryway as a home buyer or a new visitor to the house. Look around while walking up to the door and take a good look at the foyer when entering. Are the wall colors faded or are wall scuff marks giving the appearance of an unkempt entry? The freshly painted exterior may exacerbate the effect and make an inside repaint necessary.

Reduce the Cost of Projects

The possibility of saving money is a benefit of painting at least the foyer, and maybe other rooms as well, at the same time as the exterior. The painting contractor can price the room along with the exterior and may need less than if they were to return later to paint inside.

The time the crew spends on travel, setup, and cleanup from two separate projects will often raise the cost compared to one project where they complete everything. Discuss the project with the contractor to find out the potential savings. Combining projects also means that clearing the walls and moving furnishings only needs to happen once as well.

Paint has the power to transform the look of a home instantly. The key is to make certain that the transformation does not diminish the appearance of the rest of the home. At Elite Painting KC, we will work with you to find the colors that enhance the beauty of your house and offer suggestions for boosting the look of adjoining areas as well. Contact us today.