5 Things Not to Do When Choosing Paint for Your Home’s Exterior

When trying to determine the best color to paint the exterior of your home, you may want to focus only on selecting a color you like without considering other important details. However, painting the exterior of your home is an investment in the value of your home and its curb appeal.

Choosing the best exterior paint for your home is important and will be easier when you focus on five important things not to do when selecting an exterior paint color.

1. Ignore Your Home’s Architecture

If your home has unique structural features, you should draw attention to those areas. For instance, if your home has beautiful windows you want to highlight, select the window trim color first and match the exterior home color to complement the trim.

If you have a unique arched doorway you want to show off, select the color you want for your front door and then choose a color for the rest of the house that provides the best contrast without being distracting.

2. Forget About Your Neighbors

When you own your home, it might not seem fair you should have to consider your neighbor’s feelings when painting your home. However, you should consider how you would feel if the neighbor next door painted their house a loud color and you had to look at it every time you walked outside.

Do you really want your home to stick out like a glaring obstacle on a street with mostly neutral homes? Sometimes you need to keep your neighborhood cohesive and attractive. Your neighbors will likely appreciate your kindness.

3. Jump on Board with Trends

A good exterior paint job will last for years to come, so jumping onboard with the latest home trends isn’t always the best idea. Choose your home color based on something you like and what’s right for your home rather than what’s trending. Trends come and go, but your amazing exterior paint job may last a decade or longer.

4. Overlook Your Landscape

You can easily overlook your landscape when purchasing paint for your home’s exterior. Be mindful of outdoor buildings or recreational elements, such as pergolas, arbors, or sheds that may clash with a specific color of paint. Determine if you will paint these other items or if you need to match exterior paint to complement them.

Consider the type of vegetation around your home. Painting your home green may not be the best idea if your home is surrounded by evergreen trees or shrubs. Alternatively, if your lawn is sparse with little or no vegetation, a brightly painted exterior will look glaring with nothing to balance out the color.

5. Not Respect Your Roof

While driving through your local community, you’ve probably witnessed the glaring reality of a roof that clashes with an exterior paint job. This is a catastrophe you want to avoid at all costs. No matter how great your exterior paint color looks, a mismatched roof is not something you want your home to be remembered for.

Always test a sample of the paint color to see if it’s a good match for your roof. Never judge a color by what you see in the paint store, as fluorescent lighting in stores can alter the appearance of colors versus what they look like in natural outdoor lighting. Seek the opinion of your painting contractor before you make your final decision.

The best exterior paint color for your home is one that considers other vital factors in your home’s structure and in the landscape surrounding your home. A great exterior color enhances the unique features of your home, complements your outdoor surroundings, and fits well with your neighborhood.

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