Minor Home Upgrades: Spaces Worth Painting You Didn’t Think Of

Painting your home’s interior can lead up to over 100 percent return on your investment while making your home look modern and refreshed at the same time. Whether you plan on selling your property in the near future or just want to perform painting touch-ups, focusing on more than just your home’s main walls leads to beautiful results.

Here are minor home painting upgrades in spaces you haven’t thought of. When selecting paint colors, let your painting specialist help you with tones and finishes so each completed project is lustrous and charming.


Consider your home’s ceilings as part of the walls and paint this surface area a pleasing neutral color. Not only will you pull your rooms together from the top down when you add paint to the ceiling areas, you will also make the living spaces appear brighter and larger as a result.

If making rooms appear more intimate is your goal, choose a darker neutral over a lighter one to make higher ceilings look visually lower: slate gray or suede brown work well for higher ceilings.


Painting your home’s closets does more than make the space bright and clean, the right colors will make organizing and using your closet space easier. Bright, eye-popping colors, such as turquoise, goldenrod, magenta, and other rich hues — along with a high gloss finish — will create a background for your clothing and shelved items so getting what you want to wear becomes easier.

For industrial or storage closets, a neutral dark color is fine. Darker colors frame the interior space of a closet well and aid in organization while keeping the space more attractive. Closet spaces that may get dirty with paint cans, muddy shoes, and other stored out-of-the-way items should be painted a dark gray or other dirt hiding color, but make sure you stay away from black.


Bathroom and kitchen cabinets can be given a fresh coat of paint to make dated or stained cabinetry more attractive. If your cabinets are made of wood, they’re even easier to paint, and nearly every color or finish works well. For kitchen cabinets, semi or high gloss is most desirable because the slick surfaces are easier to clean than matte or eggshell finishes can be.

While it’s common to paint cabinetry, what goes outside the norm is painting the inside of cabinets. Interior cabinet and drawer spaces painted a complementary yet contrasting hue — such as white cabinets with ocean blue interiors — creates a depth in your kitchen and bathroom areas and allows for fun color popping that isn’t over the top.


As you paint your interior, don’t forget that you can paint some flooring materials.

If you have laminate floors that are worn, faded, outdated, scuffed, or damaged, consider painting this surface rather than replacement. Laminate floors in laundry rooms, kitchens, and utility areas are instantly refreshed by a painter’s skilled hand with the right type of interior paint.

Your painter can use stencils or painter’s tape to create designs so your painted floors resemble tile and other patterns, or they can paint your floors any solid color you want in a matte or semigloss finish. Painted floors should be sealed periodically to keep them durable against high traffic.

You can also paint garage and basement concrete floors to not only preserve the concrete against stains and moisture damage but also to make these spaces more modern and attractive. Some garage paints even have abrasive additives in them to make painted surfaces better for traction and safety.

Discuss your home upgrade needs with your painting specialist. Share color ideas, budget concerns, and other information with your painter during your initial consultation, and be open to professional advice on color matching and home decor trends. Our painting experts at Elite Painting KC will transform your home inside and out; call us today.