Why hire a painter?

Why hire a professional painter?

Hiring a painter in the Kansas City area is a lot like hiring any other tradesman you may hire for a job in your home.  Typically, you hire someone because they are more experienced and can do the job better than you.  Sometimes you hire someone because you just don’t feel like doing it yourself.  Let’s focus on the first reason to hire a painter.  A quality painter should be able to paint, and do the job better than you, period.  Professional painters bring a lot of experience to the table when they show up to paint your home.  I get it, YouTube makes everything look easy, but in reality it’s not.  Painting stairway handrails and spindles, for example, requires the use of a paint sprayer to get a professional look.  Not only that, but the painter must be able to apply the paint in a way to achieve a smooth finish.  This is much different than pulling up a YouTube video and watching someone brush on a few coats of paint.  Kitchen cabinets are another example of having the experience to get the job done right.  Once again, the painter must know how to operate a spray to achieve the factory finish look that people desire in their kitchen.  Professional painters also bring unique tools to the job that most people don’t keep at home.  Paint sprayers, ladders to reach that 15ft vaulted ceiling, paint poles, and all the right brushes and rollers for each specific job.  Professional painters should also be able to achieve near flawless results in a fraction of the time that it takes a novice painter.  With the combination of the right tools and experience this should be relatively easy for a painter.

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Hiring a painter with the intention of getting the job done right will typically lead you to the right painter for the job.  Also, educating yourself on the absolute best process to accomplish the painting job will also help guide you to the right person to accomplish the work.  After all, why are you hiring a painter?  Is it because it takes a professional to get it done right, or can just anyone do it?