Painting a banister and spindles

One DIY project that stands out above the rest with a high failure rate is the attempt at painting the stairway railing and spindles.  Although there are many YouTube videos demonstrating the truth of the matter is, it isn’t.  This is one project that always turns out better in the hands of a professional painter.  With so many two-story homes in the Kansas City area, there’s a good chance you have a stairway railing that is in need of a new look.

A professional painter brings two things to the table that allow him or her to get this project right the first time.  Tools and experience.  To achieve a high-level finish on a stairway railing and spindles it must have a sprayed finish and in order to spray the railing you most certainly must have experience.  So now that we know a painter has to have the right tools and experience just to get started let’s cover the painting process.

Prep photo


As one can imagine, if a painter is going to spray a stairway, there’s going to be a ton of prep work.  Since most stairways are in the entryway, everything must be covered in plastic and tape that needs to be protected from overspray.  Walls, carpet, hardwood, trim, etc.  Once everything is protected, the railings and posts must be cleaned and sanded.

Spray photo


Once the dust is removed from sanding, two coats of Sher-Wood vinyl sealer, tinted to the desired color, is then sprayed.  After drying, one of coat of Sher-Wood of precat lacquer should then be sprayed.  A quick sanding with 240 grit sand paper will be next, followed by a finished of Sherwood precat lacquer again.

Painters, that use this process can achieve a high-level, durable, factor finish that the average DIYer can’t.  This is one project that I recommend a professional painter for.  One a side note, congratulations to Rachel at for finally getting back on her feet after the floods in Louisiana.