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Sprucing Up a Rental Property? Start With Paint

Painter Holding A Color Palette
Do you have a rental property? Spruce it up with a little paint to improve curb appeal and attract prospective tenants. If you simply lack time for refurbishing your rental, hire a professional and get painting done fast. Fresh paint is a great way to cleaning up between tenants and creating a blank slate for the space's new occupants.
Use High-Quality Paint
Do not be tempted by inexpensive paint that might save a few bucks on your initial costs or your contractor's estimate. Spring for high-quality paint for both indoor and outdoor projects. Some compelling reasons to choose high-quality paint include:
  • Better coverage
  • Better pigment
  • Easier cleaning
  • Allergy sensitivity in some instances
  • Easier rolling as it adheres to the surface better
  • Better protection
  • Longer lasting results
  • Eco-friendly options
Cheap exterior paints last three or four years, while a high-end latex paint can last ten years or longer. That makes it a much better value than saving a few dollars on subpar paint.
Start Outside
Even if the time is not quite right to worry about the exteriors, a little touch-up can prolong your exterior's paint and keep it looking fresh. Consider painting windows, trim, and doors just to give the property a crisp and clean appearance. The best time to paint your exteriors is spring before the weather becomes too hot for paint to dry quickly or in the fall before winter.
Go Neutral
Paint interiors neutral when trying to sell, rent, or market a property. However, neutral does not have to be stale or boring. Choose fresh neutral shades that bring a sophistication and crispness to your space. Look for flat wall paint in colors like steel gray, desert sand, vintage lace, or blush for a new spin on neutrals.
Freshen the Ceilings
Give the entire room a makeover by painting the ceilings. This is also a great way to highlight a new light fixture. Paint both walls and ceilings the same shade to draw the eye up and make rooms seem larger. Try black ceilings in lofty rooms to create the illusion of a warm space.
Freshly painted ceilings can change the lighting in a room too, making it appear brighter and sunnier, which could attract prospective tenants.
Create Contrast
Add panache and create depth with a contrasting wall — this is a great way to add some flair to a drab office or studio space. Choose a wall that will not overpower the primary neutral and that has wide enough appeal that the wall will not turn away prospective renters.
Use this same element elsewhere to create a scheme, such as on doors, trim, or moldings, for added visual interest throughout your rental property.
Work on Woodwork
Do not tire yourself out before you get to the woodwork and trim. These areas can be tedious to scrape, tape, prime, and paint, but thoughtful preparation is well worth it in the end. Use the same high-quality latex paint in a semi-gloss for easy cleaning and durability. Painting the woodwork and trim gives the room a finished look by framing the rest of your painted surfaces.
Many perks exist for hiring professionals to spruce up your rental with paint, including time and money. An experienced painting contractor will be able to swiftly complete your project so you will not have delays that could cost potential rental income.  
Are you ready to spruce up your rental property? Contact the paint experts at Elite Painting KC for efficient service and a great finished result. If you put effort into your rental property, this can influence tenancy and increase interest in your rental.
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