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3 Tips for Wall Colors to Sell Your Home

Living Room With Blue Wall

Home buyers can be picky even when it's a seller's market. The paint color on interior walls is one of those details that can cost you or reward you when you sell your home. One recent study showed the sales-price differences between homes with desirable and undesirable wall paint colors. Learn about wall colors that will benefit you.

1. Get the Blues for Profit
Blue is a winning color for interior paint throughout the home. Shades from pale baby blue to deeper periwinkle seem to inspire home seekers to buy and pay more for the homes they're purchasing.
According to Zillow, homes with blue bathrooms sold for an average of $5,440 more than homes with other colors on their bathroom walls. Perhaps people like the reminder of the sea and water, but for whatever reason, buyers like blue bathrooms. If you're selling your home, talk with your painter about the blue colors that will look best with your bathroom tile, shower, and other fixtures.
Blue bedrooms are also a boon to your home-sale gains. Buyers handed over an average of $1,865 more for homes with blue sleeping spaces. Go for soothing, nature-inspired blue tones in the bedroom including cerulean and shades in the blue-gray spectrum. These colors can easily be paired with white or black curtains for sophistication and contrast.
What's the most profitable color to paint your kitchen? If you guessed blue, you answered correctly. Both dining rooms and kitchens offered higher sales gains when the walls were painted in blue tones.Average sales for homes with blue kitchens or dining rooms showed a premium of over $1,800 being paid versus the prices paid for rooms with other colors. Consider painting your dining and kitchen in coordinating blue tones.

Blue is also your friend on the front door, but don't use blue anywhere near the living room. Homes with blue living rooms sold for less than living rooms in neutral shades like taupe, pale beige, and oatmeal.
2. Avoid the Dud Colors
Wall paints in red hues are not attractive to home buyers. Bold brick red and copper red are out for dining rooms, while rose pink and pale pink will also cost you. In the case of the terracotta or vivid red dining room, you could lose an average of $2,000 on the sale price according to MoneyWatch. The bedroom pinks will only cost you a few hundred on average.
Marigold and bright yellow are poor choices for the contemporary kitchen if you want to get the most money for your home. Straw and marigold wall paints were the worst performers in the kitchen, costing sellers an average of $820 per sale.
3. Save Money to Do It Your Own Way
If you can't bear the thought of blue on your walls, you don't have to paint your home a color you don't like. Use white or gray on walls and arrange a blue rug or window treatments to bring the cool blue color into the spaces where blue is favored. You can also paint one wall in a room a shade of blue while painting other walls white, cream, or gray.
While eggshell white and off-white are the least favored bathroom colors for home buyers - causing home sale averages to drop by over $4,000 - you may prefer eggshell white in your bathing space. Have your bathroom and other rooms painted in the colors you prefer, but offer a paint allowance to the new buyers. That way, they can have rooms repainted in their preferred colors without extra expense.
Talk to your interior painting professional to get advice on the appropriate amount to offer for a wall paint allowance. Your paint expert also knows the current wall and trim colors that are selling the best in your local area.
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