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3 Things Professionals Know About Repainting Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet
Cabinet painting is one of the most deceptively simple of all painting projects. On the outside, this task strikes many homeowners as relatively easy. Yet once they get going, they quickly find themselves dealing with all sorts of unforeseen problems. Instead, when the time comes to repaint cabinets, wise homeowners opt to have a professional tackle the job.
If you've been toying with the idea of repainting your kitchen cabinets yourself, read on. This article will help to convince you that a much wiser course of action involves hiring an experienced painting company to complete the job. Here you will learn about three tactics a professional will use to ensure beautiful and efficient results.
1. Degrease Cabinets
One of the main problems for kitchen cabinets has to do with their tendency to become spattered with cooking grease and other food residues. This problem is virtually impossible to avoid and many people decide to repaint their kitchen cabinets for this reason.
Yet, all of that grease that's been accumulating on your cabinets for years and years must be properly attended to before painting can get underway. Otherwise, the grease will severely impede the paint's ability to bond with the surface of the cabinet. Those who fail to de-grease their cabinets often end up suffering from peeling, bubbling, or flaking paint.
A professional painter understands that a paint job simply won't turn out right unless all the grease is first removed. One of the best substances for accomplishing this task goes by the name of trisodium phosphate, or TSP for short. When diluted in water and applied to the cabinets with a sponge, TSP will cut right through even the oldest of grease, resulting in a surface that fresh paint can easily bond with.
2. Remove Cabinet Doors
Many people trick themselves into thinking they can successfully repaint their kitchen cabinets without removing the doors. This attitude will only lead to trouble. For one thing, it makes it difficult to get an even coat of paint beneath the hinge side of the door. The end result often involves unpainted patches that can be seen with the door open.
Failing to remove the doors also has another drawback, in that paint will always get onto the hinges. Hinges tend to be too small and awkwardly shaped to cover with painters tape. Those who choose to paint over the hinges completely often end up with doors that struggle to open and close easily.
A true professional understands that the cabinet doors must always be removed. In fact, not only do the cabinets need to be removed but also the hinges and other hardware must be unscrewed from the doors before the painting begins. This undesirable yet highly important chore ensures that you will end up with neat and clean results.
Another easily overlooked task involves labeling the doors prior to removing them. Although it may be hard to tell, the precise size of kitchen cabinets often varies slightly. Those who fail to label their doors often end up spending hours trying to figure out which door goes where.
3. Eliminate Sanding Dust
Professionals know that cabinets frequently need to be lightly sanded prior to repainting. This helps to roughen up the surface, allowing the new paint to more easily adhere. Of course, the sanding process will ultimately leave a lot of dust behind on the surface of the cabinets. Unless painters thoroughly remove this dust, the sanding may only end up reducing paint adhesion.
Most painters take a two-pronged approach to dust removal. First, they use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to remove loose dust. Even then, however, some dust will remain stuck to the surface of the cabinets. Wiping down the surfaces with tack cloth - cheesecloth that has been treated with beeswax - will effectively mop up the last bits of dust.
As you can see, the amount of work it takes to repaint cabinets the right way can be staggering. To learn more about hiring an experienced painting company to complete your next cabinet repainting job, please contact the professionals at Elite Painting KC.
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